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Today we think of the Celts as being confined to Ireland, Wales, Scotland or Brittany, but the word Celt is derived from the Ancient Greek word "Keltoi" referring to a non-town dweller and would have applied to most of the tribes occupying Northern Europe at the time of the Roman expansion.
Yet Celtic society was still essentially a pastoral one, and as such governed by Nature Spirits and the need to appease them on a daily basis. It is probable then that, alongside his attendance at public rituals and festivals, where he was virtually a "passive" onlooker, the individual Celt still negotiated directly with the Spirit World much as his ancestors had done.

Celtic society was however, by virtue of the surplus wealth created by warfare, plunder and slavery, very much a stratified one, with kings and a warrior caste. This was reflected too in the spiritual domain with a hierarchy of druids and arch-druids and a pantheon of Gods and Goddesses to rival Rome or Greece.
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