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Magic, the supernatural, Gods and Goddessess were not just a peripheral part of the Ancient Egyptian World; the domain of scholars and the "spiritually" inclined. They were part and parcel of everyday life
From the lowliest peasant who sought success in his endeavours and protection for his family, to, the Pharaoh himself, whose well-being was ritually linked to that of Egypt as a whole, all surrounded themselves with, and adorned their persons, homes and possessions with symbols of power
To the Egyptians these procedures were as logical and "normal" as modern man investing time, money and effort into education, technology and insurance.
These symbols accompanied the ancient Egyptian from the cradle to, and beyond the grave! Life without them would have been a frightening and unimaginable world of chaos and uncertainty
Lotus Flower
New Beginnings
Good Health
Eye of Horus
Scarab - Good Luck
Ankh - Key of Life
Anubis - Guardian of the Spirit, Protector of the Traveller, Ffinder of lost things