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The Ogham or "Tree Alphabet" is thought to have its origins with the Celtic tribes who migrated to Britain during the 1st Millennium b.c ending up in Ireland. The Ogham are 20 in number and each refers to a specific native tree. Diverse explainations exist for their use. Certainly at one level they were a means of conveying information and represented specific sounds like our own alphabet, but probably they contained hidden or esoteric knowledge for those who sought it.
The Celts, in common with other peoples, lived in a world of uncertainty and danger and any help that they could get to allieviate this situation was welcome. Familiarity with the Ogham implied familiarity with the trees they represented and with their nature, and thus opened up a relationship with them, whereby such knowledge might be obtained.
For the Celts trees were very much living, sentient beings much as himself and were venerated and worshipped by him in a way alien to us, to whom forests maybe are somewhat nice to wander in, rather than places OF wonder, mystery and dread.
The Birch Leaf
'New Beginnings'