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The Rune alphabet or Futhark most commonly used comprises 24 characters or "staffs", each representing a concept or quality and is used in divination (obtaining knowledge of the present, past or future); spell-casting (especially with "bind runes" when two or more runes are combined); or for meditation
The word Rune has links with the old Norse word "run" and with the German "runa", both meaning whisper or secret. Certainly the origin of the Runes is veiled in mystery, being attributed, amongst others, to the Goths, Vikings and Etruscans, with dates ranging from 500 b.c to 800 a.d
Interpretation of the Runes
Like all divinatory systems, the exact meaning of each Rune is open to debate and interpretation; hardly surprising, considering that the Rune is not the actual mark but rather the awareness or insight which it invokes
Rune for Protection
Friendship, Joy,
Happiness & Good Fortune
Safe travel

Good Fortune & New Beginnings