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Man inhabits a world where death or disaster can strike, seemingly without rhyme or reason, at any moment. Since Neanderthal times at least, he has sought explanations for, and strategies to deal with, this dilemma. These have ranged from vengeful Gods/Goddess's, 'un-happy' ancestors and 'fickle' Elemental and Nature Spirits to Karmic Law and 'original' sin and involving sacrifice, meditation, prayer, rituals, taboos and spell casting.
Fact or Fiction
Arguments over their validity seem pointless considering their continuance and in certain cases, apparent effectiveness, even in today's Age of Reason and Science! Similarly debate over monopoly of and access to Divine Power or Wisdom seems meaningless, when by its very nature The Divine or Supernatural must lie beyond 'normal' conceptions and descriptions and can only be experienced, visualised or percieved in approximate terms which are comprehensible and relevant to carbon based life forms such as ourselves
Inner Peace
Inner Peace, Wheel of Life & Road to Enlightenment

Protection, Good Luck & Friendship