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Tribal man lived in a world without towns and cities, where a lack of technology, with it’s accompanying growth in production and surplus wealth limited the emergence of "privileged" classes. The humblest hunter or farmer lived tongue in jowl with the mightiest chieftain or wisest elder; sharing similar life-styles with regard to food and shelter.

This egalitarianism extended to the Spiritual sphere, where without the surplus wealth to support them, there was no hierarchy of priests and high-priests, with their exotic temples "populated" by equally exotic Gods and Goddesses.
Tribal man’s world was a simple one, dominated as it was by the basic needs of food and shelter. This fact coupled with their living surrounded by forests, mountains or deserts, meant their "supernatural" world was populated by animal and nature spirits and concerned mainly with fertility and the hunt.
Tribal man lived alongside his Spirit World in a very real sense, and had to deal with it himself on a day to day basis, having only in some instances the help of ancestors to intercede on his behalf. Only when his own efforts failed would he refer to a "professional" such as a shaman or witchdoctor.
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